Revitalizing our brand with a new logo!

Revitalizing our brand with a new logo!

Is it time to change your logo? We just did!


The way I see it…a brand refresh is a makeover for your company. I think of it like a personal makeover … a better haircut, up-to-date outfit, we make changes about our looks, It’s the same with our business brand.

We felt a new look, tone and presentation of the overall style will bring fresh recognition.

We hope our brand makeover is up-to-date, vibrant and designed for today’s audiences. Certainly, our business has increased and we have had lots of great feedback so far.


Our New logo Thoughts

Our old logo was more serious. It actually had a clever idea embedded in the word ‘Moo’, so clever in fact that hardly anyone saw it. If you look closely and view the word ‘Moo’ upside down, it says the word ‘Cow’.

We felt we wanted to have a more visually ‘playful’ logo this time…you can never be too serious with the word ‘Moo’ as your business name. It’s amazing how adding some horns and hints of a cow, plus a new modern typeface revitalized our brand.

The final touch was to add splashes of lime and a zesty orangey yellow tone to our palette to complete our brand.

It felt natural to introduce the beautiful highland cows to our web pages and our new look was complete.

Calling Business Start ups! 5 Essentials for a Great Logo

Calling Business Start ups! 5 Essentials for a Great Logo

A test to start with…Can you spot the arrow in the FED EX logo? Took me a while but once I spotted it I thought what a great logo!

Your logo is the starting point for your business. It tells a story about you. It portrays what kind of person/business you want to be. It speaks to potential clients and stays in their memory recall. There are five little secrets to a logo’s success. I’m going to share these with you today!

1. Simplicity

The first element of a great logo is simplicity. A good way to think about simplicity is how many moving pieces are there in the logo. Or to put this more simply, how many parts are there to the logo? I’ll give you an example…the old Apple logo was rainbow-colored (a bit over done in my opinion) while the current one is rendered in solid black or simple greyscale. This new simplicity makes the logo easy to look at, which customers appreciate.

2. Branding

Your logo will communicate things to consumers about your brand, so you need to ensure that its design fits your business message. I’m going to refer to the Apple logo again. Apple used rainbow colors in their original logo as rainbows had a certain association with being free and easygoing. This had to change if Apple were going to take on tech giants such as Microsoft. To compete they rebranded their logo to the one you see now,  Apples current position as one of the most valuable corporations in the world calls for the sleek, futuristic logo it has now.

At the same time, Apple’s logo still seems lighter and friendlier  than tech organisations such as IBM’s, which is more dark and forboding. It seems that Apple are saying “We are technology, we’re easy-to-use technology.” I think If you’re starting up a new company, you should put some serious thought into your brand’s key characteristics and how you want to convey them in your logo.This can be done through colour/font and perhaps graphic image.

3. Memorable

A memorable logo helps for customers to recall, which leads to repeat customers and word of mouth. Simplicity is essential but a little something different or unexpected into your logo can make it stand out.

4. Remarkable

A lot of this is to do with the business name you choose. Try and be unique and stand out in your name so its memorable. In turn this uniqueness will translate into the logo design and customers will remark on your design.

5. Test your logo

So important! Ask your friends/family/colleagues their opinion. Get feedback. Don’t rely on your own judgement.

Is Your Social Media Profile Bad for Your Business?

Is Your Social Media Profile Bad for Your Business?

You know how important it is to have a professional image to represent your business. One of the first steps of a new business is usually having a professional logo and website designed, along with business cards and other materials. However, many fall short when it comes to their social media image, which could be bad for business.

Professional Profile Images and Banners on Your Social Media Pages

It’s quite common to see social media pages of businesses with logos and profile images that are blurry with poor resolution, that aren’t sized properly, or banners that don’t fit or look like you did them yourself, without a professional graphic designer. Some amateur graphic designers can get away with it, but it’s always a good idea to get a professional’s honest opinion on your homemade creations. Your social media account is another online representation of your business so it’s very important that it also looks professional.

It can be very time consuming creating profile pictures and banners, especially if you’re not a graphic designer, and if you have multiple social media accounts, as different sites use different image sizes.

Should You Use a Professional Logo or Head-shot?

Use your logo or a professional headshot for your profile image, depending on the type of business. A sole trader might go with a headshot, but if you have more than one person in your business, a logo might be more appropriate. You can use your logo in your custom styled, branded banner image.

In most cases, you can use the same profile images and banner images across your different social media accounts, but they all need to be sized appropriately which should also be done by a professional designer.

When your social media accounts don’t look professional, neither does your business so it is very important to use properly formatted images and banners across all your social media accounts.

Moo Web Design can create social media profile pictures and banners for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn Personal & Business Pages, and any other account where you need custom images. Just contact us for a free consultation on how we can help!


Why a Professional Logo Design is Worth the Investment

Why a Professional Logo Design is Worth the Investment

A logo design brings your business to life!

A logo is an image that captures your vision and emphasises your company’s strengths. Every business owner has a picture in their own head of what their company stands for, but how do you bring this to life? This is where businesses use designers to develop a professional logo design.

Don’t copy other businesses

There are certain principals for creating a great, professional logo which will add great value to your business and help you stand out in a competitive world. If you copy other logo designs, or go for a logo which has already been popular it will look cheap and unoriginal. A good logo is always easy to describe. Pretty much everyone can explain what the McDonald’s, Nike and Adidas logo designs look like, because the images are simple, clear and eye-catching.

A good logo works on all different media – from web to print

Your logo design should adapt to company stationery, website design and your shop front. Your logo design must represent your whole company; not just a part of it. It must embrace all your key products and services, not just a few of them. It can be a generic stamp which will serve you well as your business grows.

How to find the right designer to work with you

A designer will meet with you, find out about your business, study your competitors and study your business in detail. To create a great logo, a designer has to do a lot of research. This is important to create the right look and feel. Also to tap into your audience. If you find a designer doesn’t put the work in at the start, you may not be getting a good deal.

It is worth investing in a professional designer to develop your logo design and branding. Business is more competitive than ever and everything starts with your identity. Take a look at our Moo Web Design Service page and book your free consultation!

Website Update & New Blog!

Website Update & New Blog!

Greetings from Andrea and Katy!

We just updated our website and added a new blog where we’ll be sharing invaluable advice on how to improve your business profile and online presence! We really love our new mobile-friendly, responsive WordPress website, which uses the same technology we use to build our client’s websites. We design our WordPress websites so they are super easy for our clients to update and manage themselves! No more expensive calls to the developer to make a slight change to your content! Moo Web Design is a graphic design and website design partnership based in Edinburgh, owned and operated by Andrea McDermott and Katy Garlington. We help small to mid-size businesses in Edinburgh and beyond to improve their businesses and reach more customers through affordable, professional design services. We can help get your business off on the right foot and make sure you stay competitive, in this increasingly competitive world!

Moo Web Design Services

Start-up Business Package – Logo Design, Website Design, & Business Cards Moo Web Design can help you turn your business idea into reality through targetted, custom design, as well as invaluable business and marketing advice to help you reach more customers. We help start-up business owners by providing them with an affordable business start-up package which includes a professional logo, a mobile-friendly website, business cards and letterhead. We can also help you with choosing the right business name, domain name, hosting and we can also handle the purchase of your domain and hosting so you can focus on more important things! Friendly Upgrade Package We can also upgrade your existing website so that it is mobile-friendly, Google-friendly and customer-friendly!  Google is now penalising websites that are not mobile-friendly and most web searches are now performed on mobile devices, so this is very important to maintain your online presence.

Free Business Consultation

You can just give us a call or write an email and we can provide you with a free consultation on the best way to improve your business profile and online presence so you can reach more customers!

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