Are You Making These 5 Common Business Card Mistakes?

Are You Making These 5 Common Business Card Mistakes?

To write this post, I looked at ten random business cards I’ve received, so these are existing cards companies use for their business. I picked up that all these businesses make small errors which may significantly effect how they are viewed by potential customers. Here are 5 business card mistakes people make:

1. Too much information

Some cards are so full of information that you really don’t know where to start. A business card is not a good place for your sales pitch. It’s a place to entice people. To draw them in and guide them as to how they can learn more about your business or services. Are you over-delivering on your card?

2. Design inconsistent with website

There is great value in having a card design that integrates the look and feel of your brand. So if you have a website, a shop front, a product line look or anything else, shouldn’t the look of your business card be consistent? Few of us have enough money to be driving thousands of people to our site or store everyday. But you can at least create more recognition of your brand via integration of your marketing materials.

3. No email/web address or bad email

Two cards I was given are without an email address, one is also without a web address, just a phone number. If I want to find out more about their business I need a website to go to. I have been given two cards that had a nice logo and business name combined with a gmail address. That lowers your credibility in my eyes. Especially when it is so easy to get an email address with your own custom url.

4. Printed on poor quality paper

Please don’t use “cheap” printing. Your brand matters to people. And often the first and early impressions are based on things like your business card. Would you pay someone who has a paper-thin low quality business card?

5. Not using back of card

I believe in white space (room around the content that makes your card easier to read) so I always recommend you use the back side of the card. If you put your brand promise on the back, you can hand someone your card with that side facing up (and saying the brand promise out loud).

Website Update & New Blog!

Website Update & New Blog!

Greetings from Andrea and Katy!

We just updated our website and added a new blog where we’ll be sharing invaluable advice on how to improve your business profile and online presence! We really love our new mobile-friendly, responsive WordPress website, which uses the same technology we use to build our client’s websites. We design our WordPress websites so they are super easy for our clients to update and manage themselves! No more expensive calls to the developer to make a slight change to your content! Moo Web Design is a graphic design and website design partnership based in Edinburgh, owned and operated by Andrea McDermott and Katy Garlington. We help small to mid-size businesses in Edinburgh and beyond to improve their businesses and reach more customers through affordable, professional design services. We can help get your business off on the right foot and make sure you stay competitive, in this increasingly competitive world!

Moo Web Design Services

Start-up Business Package – Logo Design, Website Design, & Business Cards Moo Web Design can help you turn your business idea into reality through targetted, custom design, as well as invaluable business and marketing advice to help you reach more customers. We help start-up business owners by providing them with an affordable business start-up package which includes a professional logo, a mobile-friendly website, business cards and letterhead. We can also help you with choosing the right business name, domain name, hosting and we can also handle the purchase of your domain and hosting so you can focus on more important things! Friendly Upgrade Package We can also upgrade your existing website so that it is mobile-friendly, Google-friendly and customer-friendly!  Google is now penalising websites that are not mobile-friendly and most web searches are now performed on mobile devices, so this is very important to maintain your online presence.

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You can just give us a call or write an email and we can provide you with a free consultation on the best way to improve your business profile and online presence so you can reach more customers!

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