Have you added an SSL certificate to your website yet? Adding an SSL Certificate benefits your business in many ways, including improving your website’s security, protecting your customer’s data, but it can now also improve your Google search ranking and potentially ensure that people don’t avoid visiting your website.  Below we go into more detail on the benefits of adding an SSL Certificate:

SSL Certificate Benefits

1. Improve Website Securityperson holding credit card to pay online

An SSL certificate adds a layer of protection to your website to protect it from hacking. It encrypts all data that is transmitted on your site. It’s similar to sealing a letter in an envelope prior to posting it. When you add an SSL, your website address will start with HTTPS instead of HTTP. This added ‘s’ will give visitors to your website more protection against hackers.

2. Improve your Google Search Ranking

Adding an SSL certificate can also improve your website’s Google ranking as Google are now prioritising websites that have SSL certificates in search results. They are prioritising these websites because the SSL certificates gives your website more security and protection.

3. Prevent Your Site Being Marked Unsafe by Google

Google have also announced they will be flagging websites without SSL certificates in their Chrome web browser. If your potential website visitor is using Chrome and visits your website, they might get a message that your website is not safe. This will mostly affect websites with contact forms where visitors are required to enter data and they could decide to flag other websites in the future.  The new General Data Protection Regulation being implemented in the UK in June 2018 might affect their policies in this area.

Setting up an SSL Certificate

If you’re interested in getting a quote to have us help add an SSL certificate to your website, please let us know. We can arrange the purchase of your SSL certificate through your hosting provider and get it all set up for you! Just get in touch to see how we can help!

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